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A.I. Augmented Research, Portfolio, and Risk Management Solutions

Harness the power of Al to make data-driven investment decisions, optimize your strategies, and automate your processes. Our platform and team deployes multi-agent models within your existing infrastructure and organizes your data to create transformational solutions. We work closely with our clients to train models based on their existing processes and use AI to make suggestions on how to better optimize portfolios and use AI driven research processes.


Great Process Drives Great Technology

Unifying the key pillars fundamental to great hedge fund processes, the Hedgineer Platform integrates a suite of modules on top of a unified data model to drive excellent processes across risk, research, trading, and operations. We do this seamlessly across a fund’s business – delivering the analytics and insight otherwise lost to inefficient, unscaled operations. With our fully integrated single data model, you will gain access to a definitive source of truth and benefit from an exceptional data experience.


The Hedgineer Edge         

What differentiates the Hedgineer Platform is the equilibrium between our product suite and our service commitment through world class forward deployed engineers. The human capital of our offering thrives on innovation, precision, and partnership. Our innovative software solutions fundamentally change how our clients operate. The rapid delivery of our advanced platform ensures that once a fund manager experiences the efficiency and speed we bring, reverting to previous, slower processes is no longer conceivable. The essence of our service is not just in the software itself but in the dynamic and impactful manner we deliver it.

Leadership team

Meet the Hedgineer Partners

Michael Watson

7+ years at Citadel and Citadel Securities Engineering Leadership, most recently as Head of Equities Technology and youngest Managing Director in the company overseeing 80+ engineers globally. Michael also held roles as Head of Enterprise Data (Security Master, Pricing Master, Entity Master), Head of Data Engineering, Head of SRE Asia for all hedge fund, and a software engineer. 

Gerard Miller

8+ years on the buy-side, most recently at Millennium where Gerard was on the equities Management team overseeing day to day operations of 30+ portfolio teams. Gerard also spent time Point72 and Citadel holding roles in research, business development, and technology. 

Brian Mahlstedt

15+ years of software engineering leadership across SpaceX, Citadel, and venture-backed businesses, with expertise in scaled and distributed systems architecture in cloud, data, security, observability, equities, credit, aerospace. Brian is currently running a 15-month implementation of a risk, research, and portfolio analytics platform wrapped in custom AI tooling. Brian is also an Emmy-award winning webcast host.

Rob K

11+ years of software engineering leadership at Citadel, Spring Labs, and Avant as Head of Global Equities Business Engineering, Head of Core Data Engineering, Head of Portfolio Management and Risk, and Head of Research & Modeling. Prior to Citadel, Rob built the Machine Learning Infrastructure team at Avant and was also Chief Architect at Spring Labs. Rob is currently managing a 13-month data management and governance solution implementation including the deployment of AI-enabled portfolio analytics and risk optimization. Prior to joining Hedgineer Rob performed research with advisors at Anthropic and DeepMind on interpreting the internals of LLMs (Large Language Models). 

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