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Hedgineer is a leading FinTech consulting services and product development company that specializes in providing customized solutions to asset managers. With our expertise in Al, risk management, and portfolio analytics, we help our clients optimize their data and technology strategy, ultimately impacting portfolio returns and company workflows.

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Custom Tailored Engineered Solutions

At Hedgineer, we specialize in crafting bespoke technological frameworks for the top asset managers in the world. Our spectrum of services includes consulting, fractional engineering leadership, software engineering, project management, and architecting services, meticulously tailored to bolster trading, risk, research, and operational facets of your financial journey.


Strategic Risk Management and Enhanced Analytics

Delve into a realm of secure and optimized investment strategies with our comprehensive risk management solutions. Our approach is geared towards safeguarding your investments while enhancing portfolio performance through data-driven investment methodologies and advanced risk mitigation strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Augmented Investment Strategies

Harness the power of Al to make data-driven investment decisions and optimize your strategies. Our Al research solutions help integrate AI solutions into your existing infrastructure and provide valuable insights and predictive analytics to help you stay ahead of the market.


Engaged Discussions with the Finance and Tech Community

Dive into engaging conversations around finance, hedge funds, prop trading, and the pivotal role of technology in the industry through our Podcast. For developers, join like-minded individuals in discussing and building tech solutions for finance and investing on our Hedgineer Slack Channel. It's a space for networking, sharing knowledge, and collaborating. These offerings showcase Hedgineer's dedication to creating a tech-savvy and cooperative finance community.

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Hedgineer has been instrumental in transforming our engineering solutions. Their expertise and dedication have helped us achieve remarkable results.

John Doe

CTO, My Example Company

Working with Hedgineer has been a game-changer for our technology department. Their team is highly skilled and delivers exceptional results.

Jane Smith